Do you have unresolved pain, numbness, or tingling? If so,

Conditions We Treat

Arthritis & Pain:


Knees, Hips, Shoulders


Back & Neck




Pain & Tingling


Numbness & Balance


Our Therapy


Regenerative Medicine

Your body has in innate ability to heal itself.  We use the latest in regenerative medicine technology to stimulate the healing and repair process.  This revolutionary approach has helped thousands of patients to heal the their chronic pain & neuropathy without drugs or surgery.



Joint and Trigger Point Injections

Joint injections can help reduce pain and increase your range of motion on a temporary basis to help put off the need for medications and surgery.  Trigger point injections help reduce muscle spasm and tightness that develops around arthritic and painful joints.  The components we choose to inject are likely different from those you've had before.  We only use those with most benefit and the least side effects.


Physical Rehabilitation

Arthritis and joint pain develops over time because of poor body mechanics.  Our medical team may prescribe passive and or active physical rehabilitation to improve the function of your muscles and joints so your problem doesn't come back!

For neuropathy, the nerves have become dysfunctional.  State of the art electrical cell signaling can help restore nerve function thereby reducing symptoms and improving quality of life!

Patient Success Stories

Charles Wilson - Simpsonvile, SC

Joy Hinson - Simpsonville, SC

Marion Robertson - Greenville, SC

“My care has been absolutely wonderful. On my first visit they were explaining to me the therapy, it’s effectiveness, and high success rate. When you hear people talking about success rate, it’s easy to think they’re talking out of town. But when I went through with the treatment, I learned it was completely true. I am very happy with my treatment and the results I have gotten. Everyone at New Life Medical Center cares tremendously about their patients. I have had an incredible experience and would recommend them to anyone who is tired of hurting.”


Tammy Templeton - Simpsonville, SC

Who We Are

Our Medical Team


At New Life Medical Centers, we take an integrated approach to your care.  What does that mean?  We are not just a bunch of different degrees under one roof.  Instead we are a TEAM of healthcare providers, each working together to provide the best diagnostic and treatment plan to help you meet your health goals!

Our Treatment Focus


Our focus is to help people with arthritis and joint pain to avoid drugs and surgery!

Our Patient Promise


We promise to do everything we can to help you get your life back.  Helping you meet your health goals is our #1 priority!

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